A story of discovery


Meet wendy

I want to welcome you to Wicked Bend Creations

My name is Wendy and I am the owner/creator of Wicked Bend Creations.  I began this journey to produce and provide natural homemade soaps and other bath and body products using only high quality ingredients. 


I have come to realize that we must start to be responsible for our choices and how it affects the earth.  And I want to do my part.


Looking around in my own home I realized the need to reduce waste.  This made me want to produce and provide  really good products at reasonable prices using only natural ingredients.  I want to eliminate plastic and other waste as much as  possible.  I also want to support Fair-trade, sustainable farming and local economies where possible.

My soap is made in small batches using natural ingredients. I am striving to be as zero waste as possible and will continuously try to perfect my product and methods.

Feedback from you is very much welcomed and anything that I can improve on will be done to the best of my ability.


Thank you for being part of this new journey with me.